2 avr. 2011

Paris Fashion week: Bloggers part 2

Fashion week was pretty awesome, I met so many nice people, here are some pictures of some bloggers I took
 This is Marianne on day 2, the awesome blogger from Styledevil I felt in love with her outfit and just couldn't not shoot her!
 Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook
 Chiara Ferragni from The blonde salad 
I took those pictures on day 3, I was next to Les jardin des tuilleries outside Barbara bui's show with Evelina, whom I already talked to you about here. We were chatting, when far away, I see a blond girl and a lot of colors. I was so sure it was Chiara, I went straight forward to her, talked to her and asked her for a picture. She gently accepted with a smile. Here is the result!
 This was on day 2 outside Rochas show at Le grand palais, Bryan from Bryanboy.com
Me and Pandora

And finally, here is my story with Louise Ebel Pandora from Misspandora.
Evelina and I were heading to the subway in order to go to the next fashion show. My feat were freezing and hurting, I decided to take my heelsoff during the ride to rest a little haha. Evelina was freezing she was wearing a jacket underneath her fur, I was holding all her stuff and my stuff. Then, I see her talking to someone. I recognise Pandora right away! She told us she was freezing too and that her feat hurt! We went down the stairs together and up the subway. So of course we took pictures of her, and pictures with her (I felt so small without my heels haha). She is lovely. And yeah, finally a picture of me during Paris fashion week, but don't worry I'll post something about my outfits and features!
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La Mode a dit…

Me encanta!
Que fotos tan geniales:)

Un besito

Dirty Grungy Things a dit…

Cool cool cool.

Hijabs and Co a dit…

awwwwwwwe, you look so cute <3

ObeBlog a dit…

.... geniales todas ellas!

christine donee a dit…

I'm so glad you had such an amazing time - I'm sort of jealous. But in a good way ;)


RChS a dit…

J'adore ! Les lunettes, et les talons de la deuxième photo sont... ♥ !! XOXO


Carol a dit…

Love Andy!!She´s great!!
LOvely pics!!

fashion westie a dit…

Love your choices here-great style leaders to snap! I love Marianne and Bryans outfits.

Julia Vorob'eva a dit…

I looove Andy and Chiara!!! They are fabulous!!!!! Thank you for posting blogger's looks! ah....I am so happy bloggers exist in this world and share their style wit each other! I would have never be who I am now if not for bloggers whose style inspired me sooo much !!!

sacramento a dit…

Wow. Marianne style is out of this world, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh (sigh), so casual and chic at the same time.
The rest of the shots are magnificent, too
You look so cute, and none of you look freezing, so you are really professionals, heheehheh.
Much love and s superb weekend, my friends.

Absolutely Mrs. K a dit…

okay i am going to take that first picture with me to my hairdresser. you have photographed the perfect short crop. the outfit looks pretty boyish and then BAM the red divine heels. going to check her out. i am not going to talk about the next two girls. but oh do i love Bryanboy and his prada's, don't know which i love most: the prada's or the boy. and you look stunning girl, the color of that scarf looks fabulous, so sorry you were cold, but hey, everything for fashion.

the nyanzi report a dit…

What a great selection of pictures. You look cute in that last picture.

LOIS a dit…

great post and pictures :) Love your outfit :)
Love Lois xxx


ChanelAfterCoco a dit…

Tu es magnifique!! :D

Carolyn a dit…

so awesome you were able to meet all of them! and you look great :)

Collections a dit…

The first picture is amazing. Where she's holding that leopard clutch with those red heels. wow.


Bridget Fossedal a dit…

I sincerely adore your blog. You have an impressive knack for picking out meaningful, artful style. Consider me your newest follower!

I would love/so appreciate for you to stop by mine too if you so fancy : ] cheers, darlin'! Looking forward to looking at your blog MUCH more in the future!


Rebecca from See You in Sweden a dit…

Wow, you got everyone and you captured them so well!! Maybe there is a future in it for you?!! Sofia- streetstyle photographer!

And how cute is your outfit. Even if you were cold I think you look great in the flats. A perfect outfit!

FashionMagnolia a dit…

incredible photos, i love all of this bloggers, especially Andy and miss Pandora...
thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog, it means a lot to me

Alissia A. a dit…

J'adore la première, la blonde avec les talons rouges. Sublime. Tu as tellement de chance d'avoir vue Pandora! Vous n'écrivez plus en français sur le blog? (je suis nulle en anglais)

thefashionlist a dit…

Hi there, nice blog you have.
I want you to look at mine as well , I belive you will love it!



Opposite lipstick a dit…



Julia Calhoun a dit…

Thank you so much, love!!
Wishing you a great Sunday!!!

Kisses Julia


PS: would love to have u as my follower

miss faty a dit…

oulalalalalalalala!! ca fait un bail de temps ke je ss en italie et j ai pas encore eu la chance de voir chiara en direct lol
e puis les 3 autres!!!!! :(
ton outfit un 10/10!!!

Cristine SM a dit…


dressingup-everyday a dit…

Great pics here. Love the girl with pink M Jacobs' bag and orange pants.

Imane a dit…

Waouh génial! Ça devait être l'éclate :p Btw, avec Lamya, on vous a décerné le Vestile et le Kreativ Blogger Award ;)

Imane a dit…

Waouh génial! Ça devait être l'éclate :p Btw, avec Lamya, on vous a décerné le Vestile et le Kreativ Blogger Award ;)

Antonia a dit…

Thank you so much!
Your pictures are beautiful :-D I lovelovelove paris! :-)


SILVIA a dit…

the photos are amazing! thanks for your comment, if you like my blog we can follow each other :)

Marianne a dit…

Those are some great pictures you have here! And I´m so flattered you posted the ones of me too..I remember my hair was blowing everywhere haha.

Thanks again sweetie!!

Lots of love..

Clara a dit…


Clara a dit…


ModeKarussell a dit…

Here comes an invitation to take part at my giveaway, darling. Hope you will ;)
Click here to take part

Bine a dit…

thanks for your comment (:

khloe. a dit…

acabo d descubrir el blog y m parece gnial!!
soy seguidora !!bsos !!!

Sue a dit…

Oh lucky you!!!

the first pictures are awesome!!!

Marianne is amazing as always!

Melle lunettes a dit…

Great pics !


--Sanam-- a dit…

No way! You got to meet Andy, Chiara AND Pandora?! You lucky thing :D They are definitely some of my favourite bloggers :D

Day By Diva
Day By Diva
Day By Diva

MARIE a dit…

La pochette Léo est trop canon! Bisous :)

Renée a dit…

great post!

Amelie a dit…

Shoes shoes shoes! Fabulous shoes in these pictures! I couldn't stop staring at the shoes...

Yajaira a dit…

me encanta - animal print in

Lynn a dit…

Beautiful pictures! Love the first outfit and I specially like the last photo, you are so lucky for meeting Miss Pandora.


kendal croix. a dit…

Those blue shoes! So good.


in love with andy's long cream skirt!



Katri a dit…

Those red shoes! My oh my.
I really like your blog; beautifull pictures and great stories:)

Ninjagaiden78 a dit…

All these bloggers look great!
I love seeing people who really love fashion express themselves.


Sick by Trend a dit…

Fantastic pictures and outfits! They look so cool! I remember saw all of them there!!




What a great pictures and how awesome is it that you met the other bloggers.
Thanks for your lovely comment.



What a great pictures and how awesome is it that you met the other bloggers.
Thanks for your lovely comment.


Skinny Jeans a dit…

Andy, ma bloggeuse préférée !


Alexandra a dit…

Hi lovely!! thanks for your comment... ohh i would love yo be there, but i´m working this year :( so, maybe next time!!!



Kenzo a dit…

J'adore ce que portent Pandora et Andy *-*!
And btw J'aime aussi ce que tu portes Sofia :)

Alinne's Style a dit…

I love them and I love your blog!
thanks for your comment on my blog. I'm following you i hope you follow me back! see you here, Kisses, Alinne



Stylelover a dit…

Cool post! Lovely photos!

Stylelover a dit…

Cool post! lovely ohotos! Love it!

20 York Street a dit…

I love colours, lots of colours as I'm usually not as bold!

so faves - Bryan Boy and Blonde Salad!


It's OUT!
Come and join The Pajama Project!
Twenty York Street

Twenty York Street

Nedra a dit…

Oh mon dieu! Voter blog est l'une de mes meilleures découvertes pour le moment.A vrai dire,depuis que j'ai découvert ce qui se passe au Maroc en ce qui touche la mode(et ce n'était qu'hier) j'ai été complétement abasourdie et même contente.C'est original et c'est beau! Je vous suis désormais les filles,et là,comme vous êtes délicieuses sur les photos ^^ (tbarkallah alikom ;))

plamka a dit…

great photos! :))i like it!
come to me and follow if you want.
have a nice day!

Sofia a dit…

waw j'avais hate encore de revoir ta tenue pour cette Fashion Week! Tu as ete notre amabssadrice...trop fiere

pelininstyle a dit…

Cool post! You look so cute:)

TOPCOAT a dit…

absolutely love chiara's look, she looks so bright and so gorgeous! xx

diana kang a dit…

love the first girl! so amazingggggg xx

Yolanda Sotos a dit…

you always showing the best look ever :)

Fatima's Fashion a dit…

Awsome pictures!!



Sophia A. a dit…

Dans les profondeurs... de mon bureau. Et puis, pleins pleins de choses se sont succédées ces deux dernières semaines ! Blogger me manque, écrire des articles, commenter ceux des autres me manque ! Safi je reviens en force ce weekend, voire avant :D
212****, ça avance ? :D
Gros bisous

Sophia A. a dit…

btw! Les photos sont topissimes!!!! Oh Pandora :*)

Le garçon avec les lunettes, a dit…

this blog is so cute...follow you!!! :-)

a dit…

I loveee the second and third outfits. They look amazing!


Strawberry Freckleface a dit…

Nice. That leopard bag is killer.

strawberry freckleface

♥●• Izdiher·•●♥ a dit…

Awesome blog.You are so stylish and chio ...definitely following you .
Have a good day.

aga a dit…

I like the style of all of this bloggers :)

Mrs Vintage a dit…

Hi, thanks for yr comments on my blog before, I have followed you, just wondering will you follow me as well?

Thanks/Mrs Vintage


ChanelAfterCoco a dit…

allez Sofia poste tes looks à la fashion week :D

Jenny Ong a dit…

You look LOVELY + I love the first picture!

P! a dit…

Me encanta chiara, es perfecta!!


Katie a dit…

Holy, such hotness! The first three outfits are especially thrilling ;)

ANN a dit…

I love the first girl's outfit! You're so lucky you spotted all these amazing bloggers!

Natalie Liao a dit…

oh how lovely! you are so lucky to have met these inspiring bloggers!! :) AND attend all these fashion shows!
love your blog!

xx natalie

salwa a dit…

Trop jolie sur la photo avec Pandora,ta tenue est superbe;) pour les autres photos je te dis bravo :)



Jennifer R.Kociolek a dit…

Encore un WAHOU pour cette article!
J'aime beaucoup beaucoup et la photo de toi et Pandora est vraiment magnifique.

LeblogdeFadwa a dit…

Haha, sympa la dernière photo.
Hâte de voir le reste de tes looks.

E... a dit…

I do love the animalier, Bryan is amazing and I like especially his Prada shoes!


Sabrina O. a dit…

This is so freaking awesome! Have fun girls!

Vee a dit…

love the combination of leopard with red! good stuff!

Laura Loves Clothes a dit…

Wahoou, the blonde salad et Miss Pandora! La classe :)

l'Oscar revient aux jeunes a dit…

suuuuuuuuuuuper boulot ! chui fan !

Renée a dit…

I love the girls of the blogs: Blonde Salad and Stylescrapbook :) have a great weekend!

l'Oscar revient aux jeunes a dit…

Vous avez gerer sur ce coup la les filles ;p

Aida a dit…

thanks my dear!
I want to go on your website one day!

Vicki a dit…

Amazing pictures! They have such an adorable style! And you too :)

Emma a dit…

wow je viens de découvrir ton blog et il est juste génial ! :)

bleu electric a dit…

miam miam miam !! j'adore !!
je sais que c'est mauvais comme sentiment... mais que je suis jalouuuuussseee !! c'est génial pour toi, et pour le blog !!
et mon dieu comment la tenue colorée est belle !!

malikaa a dit…

j'aime bien visiter ton blog :)
ma fashionista préferée est chiara "the blond salad" j'adoooooooooooore son style :)



Casual Chic a dit…

great bloggers!!

lucydiamond a dit…

Mon dieu ! le condensé de chaussure canon !!!!!! Les rouges sont fantastique!
envie subite de m'offrir des Louboutins tient ! heu ... à voir :)

GoldBlackMirror a dit…

wow!!i love all the pictures!!i like these bloggers!.kisses dear.

Imane a dit…

Si, si vous y êtes! C'est la page juste après la notre :D

Imane a dit…

Les filles, je vous l'ai scanné, comme ça si jamais vous trouvez pas le magazine, vous avez votre page ;)

'S' a dit…

i love those grey pants!!!!and i love your work!very nice pics...so jealous of your life!!!

Lily. a dit…

J'adore Marianne. Très originale.
Jolies photos, félicitation.

zinouchan a dit…

aaaaaaaah louiiiiiiiiise <3
je t'envie sooofiaaa T_T
j'sur-adore ton look by the way, et la petite touche verte est juste parfaite!!!